Police Scotland

Police Scotland

Police Scotland have advised that alert cards are developed and distributed by Scottish Autism

All police officers and relevant police staff must undertake annual Scottish Police Emergency Life Saving (SPELS) training. As part of this training there is an online video entitled ‘Autism - ASD’ that they must watch.

The video provides an awareness of Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and the percentage of the population affected by it and it provides police officers and staff with advice and information on working with people with Autism or suspected ASD.

This information is highlighted through four role-play videos which re-enacting real life situations previously faced by police officers.

The videos cover a range of typical encounters and how police officers and staff can identify the signs and signals displayed by that person, which may indicate they suffer from Autism or ASD.

Finally the video provides advice on how police officers and staff should communicate with people with Autism or suspected ASD and provides an understanding of how that person may be feeling speaking to authoritative figures which includes the use of ‘alert cards’.

The end of the video provides a link to www.autism.org.uk for further information.

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