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  • Metropolitan Police has a “Autism Passport Scheme” which is a service aimed at improving how police interact with autistic people.
  • You can apply online for this service via email here.
  • An example passport can be found here.

We asked…

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Does your force currently have any type of ‘Autism Card’ scheme in which those who have an active diagnosis of Autism within the area can be provided with a card or some form of identification which makes officers or police personnel aware of their condition should they ever come into contact with law enforcement.

If so, please can you provide information on the application process and provide a disclosure of any application forms, policy and/or guidance documents and also a downloadable version of the card (if available for the general public);


Please provide a disclosure of the number of applications received for the issue of such a card under that or a similar scheme in a) the past year and b) in the past three years.

Ryan Jarvis, Founder, Conviction

Metropolitan Police said…

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I have today decided to disclose the located information to you in full.

Please see the below information pursuant to your request above.

1. We have the autism passport and card. This is a tri force passport/card for use in London and was developed by the MPS, City of London and BTP.

2. Any person who requires a passport/card emails [email protected] to request a copy which is posted out to the applicant. We do not hold any personal data. Our scheme involves a small credit sized card which the person has to hand and can be immediately retrieved. This alerts officers that the person may have communication issues. The person carries the small A5 sized passport in a bag/rucksack which goes into more detail about how the officer needs to communicate with the person, including how to help the person and any relevant information.

We do not hold a downloadable version of the card available to the public.

3. The scheme has been running since July 2019 and we have sent out over 10,300 cards.

Maureen McGuire, Information Manager, Metropolitan Police

Page last reviewed: 6 December, 2020

4 replies on “Metropolitan Police”

  • Have all officers been trained specifically on how best to manage an autistic person in distress and what that might look like?

    Are officers trained to ask for autism id?

    What if someone doesn’t have their card on them will there word be taken seriously if they tell the officer they are autistic?

    Is there any specialist support at the station for autistic people if they come/are brought in.

    Does the passport go into what normal distress may look like for this person and how best to help calm them.
    Does the passport have details of a safe person who can be contacted to help calm and support an autistic person.

    Does the card ask for any information about comorbid conditions that are common with autism. ie- epilepsy, adhd, psychosis, learning disabilities, dyspraxia etc

    How will the police be held accountable if information on the passport is ignored/dismissed?

    Gabrielle Nwaordu
    • Hello Gabrielle.

      Unfortunately we would not be able to answer this request as we do not represent the Metropolitan Police. You can however email them direct on [email protected] where we would hope that they would respond to the questions you have raised.

      Best wishes

  • We would like the passport for our son, who is autistic

    Coralie Stephney

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