Our mission is to improve criminal justice services for autistic adults and ensuring they receive the appropriate treatment and support within the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales. 

  • From our surveys, we would like to gather information from those who have been involved with the Criminal Justice System and have an active diagnosis or interest in Autism and the Criminal Justice System. 
  • Use the information gathered to put forward policy changes in an attempt to promote real change within the Criminal Justice System and a format for people to have a voice about the things that really matter to them. 
  • To provide clear guidelines on supporting autistic adults within the Criminal Justice System through the use of sharing of both good and bad practices, sharing real-life experiences, and opening up dialogue amongst professionals, autistic offenders, and their families. 
  • Use case studies to better understand autistic offenders’ experience in the Criminal Justice System and work in conjunction with academic and charitable communities to work as a collective on areas of mutual concern and/or interest. 
  • Highlight support services for autistic offenders and their families, including the good use of Freedom of Information legislation, data protection legislation, and a robust campaign for change. 
  • Work in collaboration with Local and National government services to inform policy changes within the Criminal Justice System.  
  • Improve mental and physical health services offered to autistic offenders through collaboration and good working relationships with Healthcare and Mental Health providers. 
  • Improving support services for people whose autistic family members are in the Criminal Justice System through the use of lived experience workshops, online resources, and an online community where people can access help, when needed, from people who have been or are going through similar experiences.  
  • Increase awareness of challenges faced by autistic offenders within the Criminal Justice System.